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Superstitions are hard to kill off

October 27, 2011

I was reading a post online lamenting the marginalization of the Occupy Wall Street hippie ragers by people who work for a living, and one of the replies was this:

A galvanized youth in an election year is definitely nothing to sneeze at. If we have somebody other than old people show up to vote maybe we can replace our bought Congress and/or spur some real progressive candidates to run and think they actually have a shot.

What naivety. If the bought Congress is replaced by the youth, then the replacement Congress will be a bought Congress beholden to the youth who have their own demands — demands like “free college” and such as opposed to demands like “let me opt out of social security, medicare, and medicaid and keep that tax money in my own pocket.”

The point to grasp here is that, by design, all democratic governments are bought and paid for — that is, in fact, their very purpose: to reward constituencies with goodies paid for by other people’s money, and in so doing, buy reelection. The system is set-up to benefit the wealthy and the favored classes at the expense of everyone else. People who talk about “reforming” democracy and such are clueless buffoons. Democracy has ALWAYS worked this way, from day 1 in Greece to modern day Western democracies and India. People who think it can work any other way are ignorant of human nature and how human beings respond to incentives/disincentives.

Come on, people, we’ve had the state with us in one form or another for something like what, 6000 years now? And we still haven’t gotten it “to work”, for every definition of work which doesn’t mean “benefit the rich and favored classes at the expense of everyone else.” What’s that tell you. If people kept jumping off a cliff trying to fly and only succeeded in splatting on the ground, for 6000 years, a scientist would likely come forward and explain the basics of flight to the imbeciles eyeing a leap. The problem here is that those of us who explain human nature and the inherent, systemic impossibility of good government get laughed at and called names, because government is a superstition no different than any other religion. We can’t seem to get rid of that one yet, either. Maybe it’s gonna take another 6000 years.


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