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This is not going to end well

October 16, 2011

Are you nervous? I am nervous. This is not going to end well. This is the mob, in its essence. These are angry economic illiterates protesting institutions and economic systems whose operations they haven’t the slightest understanding of. Their anger is real but vague. What, who are they mad at? “The banks”, “the corporations”, “the rich”. Why? For perceived injustices, many of which they can’t articulate. Mobs of this sort are loaded guns waiting to be aimed at specific targets.

To be sure, some of the rich, banks, corporations have screwed many in these mobs. The Federal Reserve and the banking cartel it represents have implemented insidious monetary policies. These policies discouraged savings by keeping interest rates artificially low, well below the real inflation rates. When interest rates don’t keep pace with inflation, real wealth kept as savings deteriorates. This incentivizes immediate consumption (spend the money, and spend it sooner while its purchasing power is higher than it will be later); it also incentivizes speculation, for instance in equities and financial markets, real estate, art, and other markets for which one might achieve a higher return on investment than the rate of inflation. Consider, too, that we’re talking about non-experts who are incentivized to speculate in these markets. Quite often these might be people who would be more than happy to leave their money in a bank if they could do so without their savings being eroded by inflation. They work, they have responsibilities and obligations and don’t have time to do the due diligence to be come an expert in the rigged games of stock and commodity markets. If they turn what spare time they do have to “reading up” or “educating” themselves, they get flooded with “buy now” and “bull market” bullshit, not to put too fine a point on it. The ratings agencies have proved that they are either incompetent or corrupt, so people who use them as a guide get fleeced at as great or greater a rate than those who throw darts at a stock board. Make no mistake, this system is by design.

Then there are the bailouts banks and other corporations received at taxpayer expense (for the most part). The banks which would have otherwise gone under paid huge bonuses nonetheless thanks to these various government interventions. Meanwhile the many people who were tricked by the misleading (intentionally) mortgage rates into purchasing a home and who have since lost their jobs when the economy began manifesting some of its rot externally are finding themselves foreclosed on. What’s good for the goose, it turns out, isn’t also good for the gander. Anyone not angry about that is dead inside. That is injustice, especially considering these people are the very same taxpayers whose money has gone into keeping the banks afloat. For the banks and “too big to fail” or otherwise politically-connected corporations, the profits are privatized and the losses are socialized (by force). For the little guy, the losses are privatized. Of course this is unfair.

But “capitalism” didn’t create the problems or bailout the players. The problem is that very few of the people in these mobs understand any of this very basic, simple, but crucial analysis of the problems. And knowing what the problems are is crucial to making sure the real villains are targeted. Unfortunately, very few of the people being targeted by this global mob uprising are the real villains. A lot of innocent people are going to be hurt, mark my words. This focused hatred for the rich by people who can’t articulate the problems bodes so very bad for the future. When the rich are the target, the goal is always, ALWAYS egalitarianism. Egalitarianism is Socialism’s public relations firm.

Most of the world have been moving toward completely centrally planned economies since the early 20th Century. This global economic collapse we’ve entered, brought on by massive global government interventionism and government collusion with banks and corporations including the aforementioned insidious monetary policies but blamed on capitalism and what many (morons) perceive as laissez-faire policies including what they perceive as “deregulation” (only in this Orwellian nightmare we’re living in could such views be given any credence), is ushering in the new dark age. Mankind is, in my opinion, on the verge of a tyranny in size and scope unlike any he’s tried before. This time it will be global. Things are looking very bleak.

This movement has the feel of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar to me. The mob is gathered. They are angry. The Brutusian appeal to the intellect and reason will certainly fail to resonate with these mobs as certainly as it did in that play. They’re just waiting for their Antony, who understands their intellectual and moral limitations, to show up and bribe them with [free college, debt forgiveness, free health care, guaranteed government job with a good wage, etc.], and then they’re going to start stringing the rich (Brutus/Cassius), guilty and innocent alike, from the lampposts. It’s coming, I fear.


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