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Thoughts on the Global Economic Collapse

September 7, 2011

You know, “collapse” conveys a passivity of sorts related to this current economic circumstance the world finds itself in (more passivity, like how I did that?) which I don’t approve of. Let’s face it, this collapse is the result of active implementation of self-serving and/or ignorant policies by governments, central banks, and their mainstream, sophistic economist henchmen. Maybe the utter destruction of the global economy was not their goal, but it certainly is their fault.

And we of the Austrian School of Economics have fought them like Spartans who held the hot gates of Thermopylae against the insurmountable Persian Army. And now the time for wailing and the gnashing of teeth is at hand. First up is the German taxpayer who will be crucified for the sins of the global banking cartel and the governments they lent money to. Let all of us who live in the EU extend our gratitude to those reluctant martyrs who are sacrificing their standards of living to give the rest of us an extra year or two to prepare for the collapse of the EU. I know I appreciate what they’re doing. I will even give them a nod when I commission a coat of arms to represent my family here in Sicily where we have become the new aristocracy — arable-land-owning food producers — maybe a Mercedes or BMW on the lower left corner of the shield will demonstrate my appreciation.

Speaking of, I should get someone working on that crest as we speak. I’m thinking a couple of gold balls, crossed M4-A1s, a muscular arm flexing its massive bicep, the aforementioned German car, and some kind of tribute to Mises, without whom my family’s ascendancy might not have been assured.


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