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The Best Investment Advice You’ll Ever Get

April 28, 2011

“My investment strategy is based on the fed continuously doing the wrong thing. And so far, every time I bet that the Fed would do the wrong thing, I’ve never been disappointed, because they always do. They’re gonna keep on printing, they’re going to keep creating inflation, they’re going to ignore the problem, until it’s about to be a catastrophe. So what you have to do is avoid US Dollar denominated investments; people need to own precious metals, gold and silver; they need to own commodities; they need to own foreign bonds, foreign stocks; just get out of the United States, get as far away as you can from the US Dollar. Because, the people who are going to lose the most, the people who are going to suffer the greatest losses are the people foolish enough to be holding US Dollars whether it’s in cash or cds or treasury bonds or municipal bonds, corporate bonds, those are the big losers.” — Peter Schiff.

A collapsing economy coupled with a surging nanny-surveillance-police state makes the United States a very precarious place to live these days. If you haven’t started looking at exit strategies, what are you waiting for?

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